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We founded The Change Arc on a shared set of values and a firm belief that transformation can only be achieved through inspiring others.


Our goal was to create an agency that empowers, unlocks and unleashes our clients to achieve their goals.


This agency is the culmination of our combined passions, strengths and diverse experience in business, strategy, communications and personal development and we were determined not to fall into the trap of creating just another "run of the mill" consultancy.


As Coaches, Thinkers, Creators and Critical friends - we blend personal development, strategy, creativity and insight to support the outcomes you need.  Through disruptive techniques, we create a spark and unleash your influence potential.


We also don't just talk about it; we roll up our sleeves and work alongside you as partners, to support, activate and turn ambitions into reality.

​Fun, disruptive and on your team - Welcome to the Change Arc.

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Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Iain has held senior positions in UK and international media organisations. Spanning a 20 year career, he has a wealth of experience in communications and leading organisations through change and transformation.

He believes in the power of authentic, values led communication to engage, connect and inspire.

Iain is now on a mission to support and unlock leaders and teams on their journey - helping leaders to inspire and organisations to shine


Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Rob is happiest when he is working with people who are driven to make a difference to where they live and the wider world. Always evolving, thinking and bringing the fun. 

In an entrepreneurial journey on the global stage for 15 years, Rob always strives to disrupt, innovate and get things done in collaboration with others.


He is committed to building a community of mentally fit change makers, shining a light on the dark side of leadership, whilst promoting values and strengths led leadership.


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